Excavations 9


Block printing ink on white Bristol vellum surface paper. 9in x 12in.

Note: The shadowing in the image is from the light when taking the photo

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The Excavations series uses two scans of the source text Excavations at Carnac by James Miln available at archive.org.

Process: I selected pages from Excavations at Carnac, and printed those on 8.5×11 paper on a Brother b&w laser printer. I then took an X-acto knife, and other tools, and marked elements of the source page. I taped the marked page to a sheet of Bristol paper, and then rolled block ink over the marked page creating ink transfers to the Bristol paper.

Some of the prints contain other colors of block ink, and those were applied free hand with brushes, and the back of sandpaper for an electric sander cut into various shapes.