Brad Vogler

i know that this ritual

Lute & Cleat 2015

His work demands the acknowledgment that places happen. Landscapes escape. The woods are no longer where we put them. The wilderness is what moves on: shore becomes “shored,” sun becomes “sunned,” a way (an approach) grows “away” (a distance)—in Vogler’s meticulously plied pre- and post-positional poetics.
-Christina Davis
The page is a surface and a depth, a source of life, a fear of death, and strive humbly to do no less than witness the ritual not only by which life comes to be, but how it becomes meaningful.
-Dan Beachy-Quick
i know that this ritual was a printed as a limited edition of 50 copies, each signed and numbered by the author. Designed by Brad Vogler and Lori Anderson Moseman.


Poems from i know that this ritual appeared in the following places: Blaze Vox, Ditch, Eccolinguistics, of/with, Truck and Word for/Word.

Review by Patrick Riedy in Galatea Resurrects.

i know that this ritual book cover Brad Vogler