Brad Vogler

Fascicle 30

Little Red Leaves Textile Series 2012

Vogler releases the tension trapped in Dickinson’s taut syntax by opening up her poems to the dizzying lyrical energy found often in the writing of Susan Howe.
-from the Little Red Leaves Site
Using the strangely cut material of Emily Dickinson’s fascicle, Vogler assembles a fresh, contemporary version of her skepticism. He re-creates her unique annotation style using dashes, elisions, and crosses, and in so doing constructs a world in which faith means displacement. His project breathes new life into the conversation Dorothea Oberhaus has identified between Dickinson and George Herbert vis-avis the tenuousness of belief.
-from the Little Red Leaves Site


The poem 660 was published in Barzakh.

Review at Poetry Chapbooks: Text and Texture.

Fascicle 30 cover Brad Vogler